Album Review: Disconnected – We Are Disconnected (Self Released)

French melodic metal band Disconnected will release their brand-new album entitled ‘We Are Disconnected’ on April 1st, 2022.

A roaring introduction comes in the form of Life Will Always Find its Way. Disconnected setting the bar with a beastly blast of melodic metal that hits all the right circle pit inducing notes. Heavy and fast, a chorus that features cleaner vocals that positively soars, and an undercurrent of barely contained aggression.

The bar is set and King of the World is up first to try and surpass it. Disconnected delivering some impressive melodic ambience that lulls you into a false sense of security as the sudden death-infused eruption is startling. This is a track with more complex layering but coming at you at an unbelievable speed.

Things only continue to get better as Disconnected start to make something of a connection with some heartfelt melody and singing on the powerful metal ballad-style track, Your Way to Kill. Followed then by The Only Truth, a blend of melodrama and explosive metal bursts, the blazing instrumentation intensity of I Fall Again and the touching post-inspired That’s How I’ll Face the End.

A bevy of tracks that show just how deep Disconnected can go with their style of melodic metal. A bevy of tracks that will stick with you long afterwards.

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Though that also applies to the progressive beast that is Primal Rage and the gargantuan epic finale of A World of Futile Pains. The former is going to have a few people drawing some comparisons to the likes of Gojira whereas the latter is likely to be many a person’s favourite track on the whole album. Wonderfully ambient, the spacey feel is strong, and impressively detailed once the metal kicks in.

We are all disconnected.

Disconnected – We Are Disconnected Full Track Listing:

1. Life Will Always Find its Way
2. King of the World
3. Your Way to Kill
4. The Only Truth
5. I Fall Again
6. That’s How I’ll Face the End
7. Primal Rage
8. A World of Futile Pains


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Disconnected - We Are Disconnected (Self Released)
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