Album Review: Disabled – The Final Exhumation (XENOKORP Kvlt Series)

When, six years after the release of then supposedly complete discography compilation “When All Is Slayed…”, cult artist Chris MOYEN, brother of guitarist Eric MOYEN, found a since-long forgotten tape featuring an as-of-yet unreleased ’90s session, its quick soldout when released as a cassette titled “The Final Exhumation” proved, if that was ever needed, that the tormented soul of Disabled and its impious Death Metal achieved quite some underground cult status throughout the ages.

Recorded a bit before the band went on to record what would become their final release, the cult “Faith Ablation” EP, this crude sessions features rawer versions of four of the five tracks that would end up on the EP and songs that were exclusively available as live versions prior to this exhumation.

Now available on CD at long last through XENOKORP’s Kvlt series, The Final Exhumation will be available on the 10th July 2020.

This is a nasty one unsurprisingly. After all, not only is it a Disabled release, but it’s a collection of crude tracks that focus on a raw and unfiltered sound. That alone makes it one for the fan who may have missed out when the cassette was released the first time around.

What does it offer? Eight tracks of guttural death metal. Most of which will make you wince or grimace at the sound of them. It’s like stepping in something nasty, you go to check your shoe knowing you’re about to see something gross and then discover it’s so nasty, it’s corrosive and melting through your shoe.

That’s The Final Exhumation.

Truth be told it’s not the best stepping in point if you’re brand new to Disabled. Go check out their earlier releases and through that, gain a more appropriate appreciation for something as rough and mean as The Final Exhumation.

Disabled – The Final Exhumation Full Track Listing:

1. Exhumation
2. Massacred By Slitting
3. The Beast of Csejthe
4. Stabwound Butchery
5. Abolish the Church
6. Child Abuse
7. The Eagle of Eli
8. Back to the Beyond




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Disabled - The Final Exhumation (XENOKORP Kvlt Series)
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