Album Review: Descent – Towers of Grandiosity (Redefining Darkness Records)

Featuring members of From These Wounds, Scumguts, Dire Wolf, Coffin Birth, The Fevered, and Siberian Hellsounds, Australia’s Descent was formed in 2014 with the intent of creating a powerful and heavy sound influenced by various styles and subgenres of extreme music.

Descent will release their debut album, Towers of Grandiosity on August 31st 2018 via Redefining Darkness Records.

Grandiosity 2

Sometimes you can guess just what a band might sound like when you see their 9 track album is only 24 minutes long. Descent play extreme music. Extreme metal for the ears to be assaulted with.

We’re talking no holding back heaviness. A mad mash up of death, hardcore, grind and much more. As the feedback laden Confined, the severity of Fountains of Sand and the soul-sucking rage of Pedestal of Scum lay it all out to be heard and enjoyed.

Not enough? Then there is the surprising guitar groove of Sic Inferius, a track with a slower tempo then Descent have delivered up to this point. It’s not lacking any of the fire or vitriol they’ve been spitting out so far though. In some ways, it proves to be the heaviest of the tracks so far as it takes its time to really let it be heard.

It’s not as though that’s how Descent are going to end this album though. They have plenty more in the tank and with Hindsight they blast off one huge, darkly twisted finale. A very satisfying album.

Grandiosity 1

Descent – Towers of Grandiosity Full Track Listing:

1. Stain
2. Skinwalker
3. Confined
4. Fountains Of Sand
5. Sicut Superius
6. Chameleon
7. Pedestal Of Scum
8. Sic Inferius
9. Hindsight



You can order the album from Bandcamp here and find out more by checking out Descent’s Facebook Page.

Descent - Towers of Grandiosity (Redefining Darkness Records)
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