Album Review: Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (Anti-)

Deafheaven are one of the brightest stars that litter metal’s night sky. Having released amazing album after amazing album there is a huge amount of anticipation that comes with their newest release, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love.

They’re a band that defy conventional expectations of what a metal band can be. They fall into no one specific genre as their music covers black metal, post-rock, shoegaze, rock etc. The end result though is often albums that go down in history as some of the finest works to be heard in a long time. Roads to Judah, Sunbather and New Bermuda are all incredible releases. The band are also a stellar experience live (read our review of their 2017 London show here).

The question is does Ordinary Corrupt Human Love continue that trend?

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So unwilling to stick to type. You Without End gets things started in sombre style with gorgeous piano melody and female-spoken word vocals. It builds in guitar rhythm before George Clarke’s scathing vocal style emerges to break the haze of post-rock melody. It’s an opener that is so Deafheaven but also totally like nothing they’ve done before. Truly exceptional stuff.

Lead single, Honeycomb comes next (read our single review here) with an array of frenzied drums and uplifting black-gaze guitars before transforming into a retro-inspired hard rock track with guitar flairs that are reminiscent of an arena show-boating band. Not done with taking us on a journey of wonder, the final couple of minutes of rock melody leaves nothing but good vibes.

What makes Deafheaven such an incredible band and what makes Ordinary Corrupt Human Love such an incredible listen is how the band fit two or three different songs into one seamless transition. Canary Yellow (read our single review here) is one such song that starts with instrumental optimism before erupting into controlled chaos that is dripping in post-rock atmosphere and ending with something akin to a sing-along!

An actual short (by Deafheaven standards) follows with Near, an emotional mix of soft melodious guitars and sorrowful singing.

Near Glint brings some of the most intense heaviness of the album before Night People brings a piano ballad that has actual singing on it, a duet with Chelsea Wolfe.

Deafheaven have done it again. Exceeded expectations while once again proving to be ahead of the curve and unwilling to be held back by genres. One of the best albums of the year ends with Worthless Animal, as near perfect a Deafheaven track as you’re going to get. The post-rock/shoegaze guitars, frantic drum beats and howling vocals closing things out.

Deafheaven 1

Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Full Track Listing:

1. You Without End
2. Honeycomb
3. Canary Yellow
4. Near
5. Glint
6. Night People
7. Worthless Animal

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The album is out now and available everywhere but you can stream it below via Apple Music.


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Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (Anti-)
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