Album Review: Deadline – Black Wolf City (BloodKrieg Records)

Released on October 14th 2017 via BloodKrieg Records, Black Wolf City is the new album from South African heavy metal/hard rock band, Deadline.

Deadline 1

Formed in August of 2014 and having recently won the “best new comer” at the South African Metal Music Awards, Deadline are taking the South African metal scene by storm. Based on a graphic novel that front man Jessy Switchblade has taken years to create. About an industrial metal outfit called Cocaine Zombie Sex Hex in a fictitious town designed to have the look and feel of CBD areas in suburbs such as Pretoria. The novel draws inspiration from the likes of ‘Sin City ‘and ‘The Crow’.

The hook-heavy rhythm of Break the Silence follows an intro (title track) that serves to create a daunting atmosphere within the city. Groove heavy with shrieking guitar riffs, a thunderous pace & mischievous old-school NWOBM-style vocals.

White Death keeps the tempo high with killer guitar riffs & some stunning soloing before Confessions of a .45 lays down some bass-heaviness. A deeper groove really makes this track stand out for the right reasons. Like a tribute to the yester-years of heavy metal but bound with a modern rock edge. Exhilarating.

Happily Black Wolf City keeps up the trend of feel-good rockin’ tunes with some ferocious soloing in Lilith Immortal, the fast-paced Bloodbeast and sneeringly catchy Burn.

Even at this stage it’s not possible to be bored of Deadline’s exciting approach to rockin’ groove & Black Wolf City ends on a high with the combo of blazing pace & stunning rhythm. Deadline can be proud of that fact that there isn’t a bad song on Black Wolf City. This is the sound of a band so at ease with delivering punchy hard rock/metal vibes.

Deadline 2

Deadline – Black Wolf City Full Track Listing:

1. Black Wolf City
2. Break the Silence
3. White Death
4. Confessions of a .45
5. Lilith Immortal
6. Bloodbeast
7. Burn
8. Thorn in my Side
9. Hostage Demonica

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Pick up the album on Bandcamp, Spotify, CD Baby, Deezer, via Amazon above and Apple Music below. Find out more about Deadline on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and watch their videos on YouTube.

Deadline - Black Wolf City (BloodKrieg Records)
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