Album Review: Dark Ocean Society – Hymns for the Last Man (Self Released)

Dark Ocean Society is a progressive metal solo project with some doom, sludge and post-metal influences by multi-talented artist, Chris Tedor. His fourth album under the Dark Ocean Society banner is called ‘Hymns for the Last Man” and is out on October 19th 2018 for pay what you want on Bandcamp.

Chris currently plays bass in the Chicago based doom metal band Hypnochron, sharing the stage with some notable bands including: Pale Horseman, Faces of the Bog, and Snow Burial.

Chris had this say about Hymns for the Last Man:

“This album builds further on some of the themes of my 3rd record as a meditation on modern society. Where that album dealt with individual themes of loneliness and alienation, I intended ‘Hymns for the Last Man’ to cover society as a group. The idea for this record came while reading a Wikipedia page for Nietzsche’s concept of the last man, the idea of which was later built on by Aldous Huxley’s ideas as presented in the novel, A Brave New World.

To paraphrase the concept, the last man is someone who has become enamoured of material comforts and distractions to the point where it prevents them from taking risks in their own life, dreaming big, and is simply content with the status quo. We can see this play out on a larger stage in America, and the Western World at large, by the overwhelming problems being faced by society but the remarkably small turnout or interest in taking action to change what is going on. This album isn’t intended to be a political album or to take sides; it is intended simply as a societal critique. Or you could take it for what it is, some great songs.”

Dark Ocean Society 2

That final sentence by Chris there is the perfect summation of this six-track epic effort. An album of great songs. Songs that are mentally affecting and physically draining through the sheer impressive scope and imagination involved.

Each track does an impressive job of drawing you in and taking hold of your mind, warping it to Dark Ocean Society’s needs. The Vast Void opens up in front of you to unleash a medley of heavy progressive metal, melodic passages and eerie effects. It’s followed by the post-metal stylings of The Last Man, a track that drips atmosphere throughout its 14-minute run-time.

A snyth-heavy, sci-fi infused break comes in the form of Interlusion, the perfect setup for Space Cowboys. The infusion of sludge elements alongside the distant and restrained vocals is very appealing. Something that leads into the much shorter but equally as effective, Worship the Sun.

The hefty and ear-pleasing effort from Dark Ocean Society is rounded off with Spirit Traveller. The best song on the album for several reasons. Firstly it delivers some of the most impressive riffs and melodies heard so far. The vocals are at their most powerful, almost sermon like and the feeling of an empty, desolate world is prevalent throughout. You can feel the music, it reaches deep inside and touches your bones chilling you to the core.

An awesome album.

Dark Ocean Society 1

Dark Ocean Society – Hymns for the Last Man Full Track Listing:

1. The Vast Void
2. The Last Man
3. Interlusion
4. Space Cowboys
5. Worship the Sun
6. Spirit Traveller

You’ll be able to order the album via Bandcamp where you can also pick up earlier releases. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking Dark Ocean Society’s Facebook Page and following on Twitter.

Dark Ocean Society – Hymns for the Last Man (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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