Album Review: Cvlt ov the Svn – We Are The Dragon (Napalm Records)

Finnish dark occult rockers Cvlt ov the Svn mark its return in full force with their grim, addictive first full length, We Are The Dragon. Out on May 7th via Napalm Records.

Way back in 2019 self-styled ‘Occult Murder Pop’ act Cvlt Ov the Svn released their debut EP ‘Luna In The Sky Forever’ and started a brand new movement. Now, in the year of 2021 and with the backing of Napalm Records, the cvlt has reawakened.

We Are the Dragon is 12 tracks (4 of which are from that earlier EP) of gothic, occultist and danceable rock music. The cvlt kicking down the door to drag you back, long after you think you had escaped their grasp. The title track and My Venom, as sinister, eerie and catchy as anything this band has produced so far.

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Really leaning into the poppy elements of their dark and evil sound, Don’t Be Tender, Love Me Cruel is a ballad for twisted lovers. Whereas Hellbound has all the energy of racing towards the imposing black gates which signifies eternal damnation. It’s there, seduction is attempted with the synthy sexiness of Dancing With the Devil.

A boost is needed after that and it comes in the form of the frantic and sickeningly catchy Twilight. One side of Cvlt ov the Svn on show, the other coming straight after with the threatening and dark I’m Gonna Find Out. Easily the cvlt at their most dangerous sounding.

The EP tracks then make up most of the remainder of the album. As unique, interesting and exciting as they were when they were first heard in 2019. From the foot tapping gothic drawl of Luna in the Sky Forever. To the horror that pours from the riffs, all while the bass hums away and the throaty whispered style of vocals encourage dark thoughts in The Murderer. To the faster, heavier and super-riffy Whore of Babylon and the satanic-style ritual of The Pit.

Lovely stuff but there’s one more track to complete this album and it is one last Cvlt ov the Svn occult horror show to swarm the mind with evil. Called Another Infinity, few won’t be consumed by the end.

Cvlt ov the Svn – We Are the Dragon Full Track Listing:

1. We Are The Dragon
2. My Venom
3. Don’t Be Tender, Love Me Cruel
4. Hellbound
5. Dancing With The Devil
6. Twilight
7. I’m Gonna Find Out
8. Luna In The Sky Forever
9. The Murderer
10. Whore Of Babylon
11. The Pit
12. Another Infinity


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Cvlt ov the Svn - We Are The Dragon (Napalm Records)
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