Album Review: Cortez – No More Conqueror (WOOAAARGH)

The Swiss three piece of Cortez present a masterful display of roiling metallic hardcore on their crushing new album ‘No More Conqueror’. The album is a colossal clash of sounds and will be released on November 9th 2018 via WOOAAARGH.

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It’s hard to not admire Cortez’s level of energy on their new album, No More Conqueror. It’s an absolute raging pit of hardcore fury as Seven Past Forever comes streaming towards you on fire. It’s spectacular, ear-bleedingly heavy and so appealing.

There is no halting this band as they spit out track after track of unrelenting hardcore. A tornado of noise that picks you up, spins you around and leaves you unharmed but completely disorientated.

Lose yourself in the fire and flames of Hemigraphic, Ajatashatru and Duende amongst others. Each track delivers the same level of intensity and by time you reach the closing stages of the album you’ll be grateful for the sound of silence. Not before Nigredo and Tristan da Cunha tear you apart one last time.

Bloody intense. Bloody great.

Cortez 1

Cortez – No More Conqueror Full Track Listing:

1. Seven Past Forever
2. Antes Dos Dias Dos Deuses De Ontem
3. Hemigraphic
4. Ajatashatru
5. Duende
6. Abodes of Hail Season
7. According to Claude Bernard
8. In Albis
9. Nigredo
10. Tristan da Cunha



You can order the album via WOOAAARGH here and via Bandcamp here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page.

Cortez - No More Conqueror (WOOAAARGH)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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