Album Review: Convent Guilt – Diamond Cut Diamond (Gates of Hell Records)

Diamond Cut Diamond, the second full-length album from Australian metal quartet Convent Guilt, is set for a November 9th 2018 release via Gates Of Hell Records. Possessing the same classic metal swagger as found on Guns For Hire, Diamond Cut Diamond contains seven slabs of song-oriented metal, graced with well-placed tinges of melody and NWOBHM influences.

Convent Guilt 2

Possessed by the spirits of yester-year, Diamond Cut Diamond is so steeped in old-school metal sound that it’s hard to believe that this is a record about to come out.

If you’re after a throwback release and NOWOBHM is your jam, then Howling Vengeance will certainly appeal. That it is followed by a punk-infused Born to Trouble comes as something as surprise considering what came before. Its snarling vocals, pacier riffs and mixing of the classic metal style with punk works well.

That being said, there is just something off about the production that makes it sound a little tinny and overly unsatisfying. There is no issue hearing the riffs but the vocals in particular just don’t sound quite right.

It’s not overly harmful to the album overall and if the aim was to really make this sound like it belongs in the 80’s they certainly nailed it. Tracks like Scream Out Your Heart and Thief in the Night just won’t wow.

However, Bonnie and Clyde might with the return of a punkier pace, some impressive melody and killer guitar solo. That’s the highlight of an album that really doesn’t seem to have a place in 2018. It’s trying a bit too hard to be old-school and ends up feeling like a relic because of it.

Convent Guilt 1

Convent Guilt – Diamond Cut Diamond Full Track Listing:

1. Howling Vengeance
2. Born To Trouble
3. Powder Dry
4. Scream Out Your Heart
5. Bonnie And Clyde
6. Thief In The Night
7. Foxes Run



You can order the album via Gates of Hell Records and over on Bandcamp. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking the band’s Facebook Page.


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Convent Guilt - Diamond Cut Diamond (Gates of Hell Records)
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