Album Review: Consumption – Recursive Definitions of Suppuration (Petrichor)

Consumption is a relatively new Swedish duo producing crushing Carcass-like grind/death. This project is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Håkan Stuvemark, famous for his works with a huge bunch of extreme metal bands (and the most notable from that list is Wombbath). The experienced drummer Jon Skäre completes the line-up and Consumption will release Recursive Definitions of Suppuration.

A raw, unpolished and primordial blast of noise. Consumption’s aim is wreck necks and heads with eight ferocious blasts of grinding death metal. Where the riffs are like blocks of cement tied to the ankles as you sink into the mire created by blasting drums and filth-covered vocals.

It’s freaking great, partially because it is so straight-forward. Which isn’t to say, there’s not technicality or elements that help things rise above the crusted muck of death metal. It’s just that, at its core, Recursive Definitions of Suppuration is all about savagery and not a lot else.

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There’s nothing but raging speed and fury to showcase here and Consumption do an excellent job of dragging listeners down to their sickening level. Let it infect you, lose control and head-bang your way into oblivion.

Consumption – Recursive Definitions of Suppuration Full Track Listing:

1. Fermented Tissue
2. Infectus Exteriorisation
3. Suppuration
4. Rigor Mortis
5. Consumption
6. Splenium Corporis Callosi
7. Fragmentum
8. Ictus Cordis


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Consumption - Recursive Definitions of Suppuration (Petrichor)
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