Album Review: Colossus Fall – Earthbeat (Tenacity Music)

Colossus Fall is metallic hardcore five-piece group formed in Geneva, Switzerland. Having released one EP “Sempervirens” in 2012, a split-vinyl in 2013 and a full-length album titled “Hidden into Details” in 2015, Colossus Fall are now ready to unleash their second album “Earthbeat”.

The album will be released on January 25th 2019 via Tenacity Music.

Colossus Fall 2

Barely able to contain their fury, Colossus Fall’s second album is a fiery affair, eight tracks of vomitus metal noise. Played at a constantly frantic pace and all about delivering some of the heaviest riffs 2019 has to offer. It’s not just irrelevant noise though as Fury’s unbelievable groove hits hard.

It’s almost like all members of the band are competing to see how fast and heavy they can play. The vocals are mind-blowingly guttural, the drumming is intense and the guitars spit fire. They all come together nicely and we’re the winner out of this war.

The energy and effort exuded by Colossus Fall finds its apex with the filthy chug of Basorexia. A track that brings hardcore brutality to the forefront while delivering some tasty death metal hooks.

More of this please.

Colossus Fall 1

Colossus Fall – Earthbeat Full Track Listing:

1. Darkness Swirled Around Us
2. Fury
3. The Nameless Men
4. They Knew Not
5. 1956
6. Basorexia
7. Collapse
8. Earthbeat

The album can be ordered via Tenacity Music here & Bandcamp. Earlier releases, merchandise and more information can be found via Colossus Fall’s website here. On social media they can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Colossus Fall - Earthbeat (Tenacity Music)
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