Album Review: CNTMPT – Towards Neglect (Into Endless Chaos Records)

So it came that in 2009 the fate outstreched its fingers towards a saxonian town called Leipzig to open a passage between the worlds of light and fire and the worlds of darkness and ice to evoke the entity of CNTMPT. Now, in the late time of the year 2018, CNTMPT will release its new collection of screams and shrieks into a world of distraction, disparity and arrogance.

This experience is called Towards Neglect and is out on the 17th December 2018 via Into Endless Chaos Records.



To simply call CNTMPT black metal and Towards Neglect a black metal record fails to really do it justice. All the elements are there but across seven tracks the band create such a wild array of noises that it is nothing but sonic abuse.

There is song structure but it’s not exactly clear at first. Instead, Site of Vastness goes all out to put most listeners off with a furious level of crashing instruments. It’s mind-numbing in pace but just as you’re getting used to it, it disappears to be replaced by a slow tempo and echoing melody that goes on far too long. All before it erupts again like a pulsating sore.

It’s not a great start but there is something appealing about it though. Something inhuman and cold but exciting. Gravity confirms that feeling with intensity and roughness that has all the charm of a 90-year old drunk with vomit and shit on his clothes. Unlike the previous track, there is no pause for breath here.

Fire Theurgy is certainly more appealing then what has come so far and there is even rhythm to the guitar/drum assault. Maybe it’s the mind having taken such a pulverising so far that it has adapted to survive what follows.

We do get to relax for a bit though as The Arrival is about a minute an a half of soft acoustic guitar strumming. It’s nothing special but it is very welcome especially as Wyrd is over 13 minutes long. That does see CNTMPT adapt their style somewhat with a slower tempo that gets faster as the track gets into it. Increasingly harsh, it transforms into a brutal offering that will leave many a listener scarred and broken.


CNTMPT – Towards Neglect Full Track Listing:

1. Ascend Through Winds
2. Site of Vastness
3. Gravity
4. Fire Theurgy
5. The Arrival
6. Wyrd
7. Magical Herbs



You can order the album via Into Endless Chaos Records here and via Bandcamp here. Find out more about CNTMPT over on Facebook.


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CNTMPT - Towards Neglect (Into Endless Chaos Records)
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