Album Review: Circadian Ritual – Befallen (Live Fast Die Recordings)

The 2nd full length cassette (limited to 100 copies) by blackened doom band Circadian Ritual will be released December 22nd 2017 via Live Fast Die Recordings.

Befallen 2

The bassy intro of Solomon’s Temple leads into crunching doom heaviness that demands your rapt attention. The distorted sound alongside fiendish vocals is an eye-wateringly dark start. Flashes of increased pace gets the head-banging really going.

The soft melody that introduces the title track is a nice change of pace before the fierceness that Circadian Ritual make sound so easy takes over. There is a little bit more of a haunting gothic edge to this track though. Showing that the band have more in the tank then heavy doom metal.

Nowhere is that better showcased though then on the excellent Elysian Desire. Dripping with dark atmosphere & building in vile sounding distortion, it’s a hell of an impactful track.

A powerful album finishes up with two tracks that together come to over 20 minutes of numbing doom. Pyramids of Form and Matter scratches away at what resistance you might have left before Heirophant looks to break the skin with the deepest & darkest sound heard so far.

Befallen 1

Circadian Ritual – Befallen Full Track Listing:

1. Solomon’s Temple
2. Befallen
3. Elysian Desire
4. Pyramids of Form and Matter
5. Heirophant

You can order the album now over on Live Fast Die Recording’s Bandcamp. Find out more about the band via their Facebook Page.


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Circadian Ritual - Befallen (Live Fast Die Recordings)
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