Album Review: Chevalier – Destiny Calls (Gates of Hell Records)

Finnish Epic Speed Metallers Chevalier will release their full-length debut album, Destiny Calls, April 26th 2019 on Gates of Hell Records.

Destiny Calls is separatist speed/epic metal from the frozen climes of Finland that relishes in the unexpected while giving metal fans exactly what they want.

Chevalier 2

When you think of Finnish metal, it’s unlikely few will think of speed/thrash metal. More synonymous with symphonic music, with only the likes of Children of Bodom breaking conventions. Well, we can add Chevalier to that list now.

Playing a wild and frantic style of riff-heavy music, Destiny Calls is an album you’ll want to love but alas, something’s just off about it. It’s strange because all the parts are great separately. The screeching riffs, ear-splitting solos, crashing drum beat and vocals that split between epic sounding and fiery shouts of defiance but put them all together and they just sound… off.

This is really noticeable on The Immurement, a mesh of all these elements held together by the excellent vocals. Things do improve on The Curse of the Dead Star happily as here it’s less about seeing how fast they can go and more about creating a well put together metal track and it shows. The slower build, sharp riffs and the drums sounding out a war march leading to the injection of galloping speed and the screech of the classic metal-inspired vocals. A track more rooted in thrashing hard then blazing hot metal.

Road of Light and Stormbringer come next with the short intermission of …As the Clouds Gather in between. Both serve up fast-paced metal heaviness that is ear-pleasing when compared to what Chevalier have already given us.

Things then get even more old-school sounding with In the Grip of the Night with the added touch of gothic overtones. The disjointed rhythmic sections are more present again here but the high quality of the track overall makes them easy to overlook.

A Prelude to the End is exactly what it says it is. A short guitar strumming intro to A Warriors Lament. The final track is the meatiest of the record with a much richer bass sound and everything else sitting a bit further back allowing the vocals to really lead the charge. At least up until the very clever guitar/spoken word medley that kicks up a storm near the end.

Interesting and clever even if Destiny Calls overall has its faults.

Chevalier 1

Chevalier – Destiny Calls Full Track Listing:

1. Introduction
2. The Immurement
3. The Curse of the Dead Star
4. Road of Light
5. …As the Clouds Gather
6. Stormbringer
7. In the Grip of the Night
8. Prelude to the End
9. A Warriors Lament



The album can be ordered via Bandcamp here and via Gates of Hell Records here. Find out more via Facebook.


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Chevalier - Destiny Calls (Gates of Hell Records)
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