Album Review: Chasin’ Voorhees – Crystal Lake (Self Released)

Chasin’ Voorhees is a death metal solo project who released the debut album, Crystal Lake, on (of course) Friday the 13th of May 2022.



The infamous slasher is not short of bands inspired by his murderous ways but this is the first time we have come across an entire album themed around Jason Voorhees. As a horror movie website that has a ‘love/hate’ relationship with the franchise, it immediately makes the release far more appealing. That, musically, it just happens to be based in death metal, is all the more pleasing.

…and what death metal it is. Another example of a solo project moving the bar to insurmountable heights. Chasin’ Voorhees delivers thirteen (of course) chunky, nasty, blistering and brash examples of extreme. A blood curdling experience that fans of no-nonsense heavy will appreciate, Crystal Lake is akin to a machete to the head. Or being ripped in half, being beaten to death while in a sleep bag, or even having your head knocked off. Whatever horrific punishment you can imagine, Chasin’ Voorhees delivers.

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Like the franchise, the album has peaks and valleys, ups and downs, but unlike the franchise, the downs are never so low that you actively dislike it. Here, a handful of tracks motor along without much impact but, on an album this long and with this much extreme detail, that’s not to much of a surprise. What is, is that the highs are top shelf brutality and heaviness. That this is all the work of one person is genuinely startling.

It’s that thought process which sustains the innate savagery as most listeners will be fascinated to see what Chasin’ Voorhees hides behind the mask. Unlike the horror movie franchise, here, you won’t be disappointed by the reveal.

Chasin’ Voorhees – Crystal Lake Full Track Listing:

1. Down Underneath
2. Packanack
3. Haven
4. Death Curse
5. Pinehurst
6. Kill Or Be Killed
7. Necromantic
8. Lazarus
9. Descendant
10. Grendel
11. Contra
12. Crystal Lake
13. Friday the 13th


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Chasin’ Voorhees – Crystal Lake (Self Released)
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