Album Review: Chalice – Trembling Crown (High Roller Records)

Finnish heavy metal band, Chalice will release their brand-new album ‘Trembling Crown’ on December 11th 2020 via High Roller Records.

A stylish slab of heavy metal, Chalice’s Trembling Crown does not slum it when it comes to ensuring it will stand out from the pack. Doing so immediately with Night’s Hand by introducing complex passages of melodies, unexpected tempo changes and guitar driven flair. All wrapped up in golden heavy metal rhythms and led by powerful but understated vocals.

The title track continues to surprise with frantic energy that drops suddenly into soft melodious moments and later, a strumming folksy segment. The sense of grandness growing as the vocals reach their apex on the faster segments but it never quite becoming overtly cheesy.

Hunger of the Depth’s subtle start gives way to a darker but extravagant melody. It has a very ominous feel to it but, as per usual with Chalice, develops into something much more. Something almost doomy in style but with a certain level of grandeur. The highlight of the album.

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After such a tome, it’s quite nice to get something more head-banging orientated with the instrumental, Karkanxholl. A killer set of riffs, a hectic guitar solo, a thumping drum beat and plenty of energy does the job nicely. Wings I’ve Known gets the blood pumping loudly in the ears with a classic ode to fist raising heavy metal, albeit with Chalice’s innate ability to have a profound impact.

The penultimate track, The Key would probably be the most forgettable of the bunch if it wasn’t for the vocal performance. Whereas the epic Stars ensures this album goes out with a bright and holy bang. Building up from subtle melodies to deliver a track filled with splendour and magnificence.

Chalice – Trembling Crown Full Track Listing:

1. Night’s Hands
2. Trembling Crown
3. Hunger of the Depth
4. Karkanxholl
5. Wings I’ve Known
6. They Key
7. Stars


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Chalice - Trembling Crown (High Roller Records)
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