Album Review: Carnifex – Graveside Confessions (Nuclear Blast)

The undisputed masters of blackened deathcore have returned to ignite sonic memories of albums past with the scorch of old school sound. Set to be released on September 3rd, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records, Carnifex’s Graveside Confessions is no stranger to the harsh world in which it was created. While all of humanity experiences the turmoil of pain, weakness, and betrayal, it is also deeply ingrained in our nature to keep these notions closely protected; to keep them secret. Often as we approach death, we feel an insatiable need to reveal these things to one another; to confess.

Says founder and vocalist Scott Ian Lewis:

‘Graveside Confessions is all the things you want to say, but don’t; the things you carry with you a little too long, sometimes right up to your deathbed. This record explores the spaces that we typically push to the side, in an honest and vulnerable way. There’s a release, a sense of humor, and a catharsis to be found in going there, especially when you don’t go there normally.

The past may be the past but Carnifex are choosing to wield it like a weapon to infuse their brand-new album with a taste of what was. Though, it’s hardly just a call to the band’s early years as this blackened deathcore unit are always moving forward.

Graveside Confessions is furious blast of heavy. Where Carnifex buck and bend through a maelstrom of brutality tinged with their infamous touches of flair. Stomping and crushing, the title track is a no-nonsense start but followed by the blacker and symphonic aptitude of Pray for Peace and Seven Souls. Those two are as close to black metal as Carnifex can get instrumentally without losing that ‘core’ brutality they are so beloved for.

Got neck ache yet? Carnifex are only getting started. Cursed is guttural noise with a screaming guitar solo and sinister tone, Carry Us Away differing tempos makes for a wild release, Talk to the Dead is a death-heavy burst with a frenzy of drums and symphonic sounds, and January Nights takes us to the halfway point with an instrumental mix of melancholic melody and post-heaviness.

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Carnifex have delivered on their promises already and the second half continues to see the band show off their grit with the chaotic Cemetery Wander.

Then taking things down to the filthiest of levels, Countless of Perpetual Torment is a mean one. Before offering a unique cover of Korn’s Dead Bodies Everywhere, a stompy head-banger in the form of Cold Dead Summer and a rampaging beast called Alive for the Last Time.

Not content with giving you 12 ferocious efforts, Carnifex offer up 3 additional tracks from their debut release, Dead In My Arms. Re-recorded and giving a fresh lease on life here. Showing that Carnifex have come so far but not too far.

Carnifex – Graveside Confessions Full Track Listing:

1. Graveside Confessions
2. Pray For Peace
3. Seven Souls
4. Cursed
5. Carry Us Away
6. Talk To the Dead
7. January Nights
8. Cemetery Wander
9. Countess Of Perpetual Torment
10. Dead Bodies Everywhere
11. Cold Dead Summer
12. Alive For the Last Time
13. Collaborating Like Killers (Graveside Edition)
14. My Heart in Atrophy (Graveside Edition)
15. Slit Wrist Savior (Graveside Edition)


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Carnifex - Graveside Confessions (Nuclear Blast)
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