Album Review: Canavar – Canavar (Self Released)

When different worlds collide, it usually ends up with a disagreement or a fight, that is not the case with South Coast Punk-O-Metallers Canavar. Firmly crossing the divide between Metal and Punk, this is a band that brings unity to the chaos, a synergy of sounds, bringing something fresh to the musical landscape.

Hailing from the Southampton, usually known for its post-hardcore offerings, Canavar have broken the 7th string with their genre-melding style.

Their self-titled album will be out on September 28th 2018.

Canavar 2

Leaning towards punk at first, Canavar come screaming out of the blocks as though their ass is on fire with the energetic and catchy Sacrilege. A track that has so much bounce at the start but ends with a hyper guitar solo and outrageously aggressive vocals.

This mixing of styles is Canavar’s signature and each track sounds immense. A nice amount of punk-infused catchiness and snarl alongside intense blasts of hardcore and metal.

Your foot will be tapping along while your neck muscles work overtime in the head-banging department as Daybreak, Devil’s in the Details, Deadly Sins and Fire Inside show a range that will excite all areas of metal-dom. The punchy one-two of the drumming and guitars on the latter is particularly appealing.

One thing that makes Canavar stand out from the pack is how their aggressive side (the vocals and lyrics) don’t come across forced. When it crops up, it feels necessary and heightens the intensity of the likes of Burnout and Blacklist. A pair of tracks that exude punk and hardcore energy.

Canavar’s great release has to end but it goes out swinging with the short and fiery Ready & Willing. They’ve captured the imagination and delivered a memorable and different album.

Canavar 1

Canavar – Canavar Full Track Listing:

1. Sacrilege
2. Brick By Brick
3. Moral Compass
4. Daybreak
5. Devil’s In The Details
6. Deadly Sins
7. Fire Inside
8. Lost And Found
9. Burnout
10. Blacklist
11. Ready And Willing

The album will be available via all major streaming platforms and shops. You can find out more by liking the band’s Facebook Page.

Canavar - Canavar (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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