Album Review: Burn Down Eden – Burn Down Eden (Kernkraftritter Records)

Hailing from Germany, Burn Down Eden are a melodic death metal band with elements of prog, black metal and more to give their sound its own unique flavour. Their third album, self-titled, will be released on March 26th 2021 via Kernkraftritter Records.

There’s no shortage of quality melo-death bands these days but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for even more. It just means, bands must work that little harder to stand out from the pack. Which for fans of the musical style, is never going to be a bad thing.

Burn Down Eden work hard and it pays off. This self-titled album has all the desirable speed and energy most would want from a melo-death release. Paying homage to the greats that have come before while sounding enough like its own thing to not make it sound like a tribute album.

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The pyre is lit but here comes Burn Down Eden with a gas canister to turn it into an inferno. Sadomasochists from Beyond the Grave kicking the album off in a vigorous and feverish way. A Prepper’s Prophecy keeps the tempo hyper but really lets the guitar take centre stage before Bizarre Circus leans heavily into the ‘death’ side of their sound. All while still delivering concentrated bursts of hooks and vocal snarls.

The inferno still rages as Burn Down Eden rip and tear their way through track after track of furious melo-death. A Bloody Pool of Angels, Witch’s Scorn, Abducted Reality, Hurricane of Greed, Law Enforcement Ubermensch… there’s very little fault to found here. The uninhibited concentration of metal, this is a band that seem incapable of taking their foot off the gas for any excessive length of time. Even though the melodies are succinct and have clarity.

Talk about playing with blistering speed though. The drumming of The Five Horsemen is on another level but not to be outdone, a roaring guitar solo turns this track into a sure-fire hit. Before Encounters of the Unkind wraps everything up with just a touch of eerie darkness imbued into one last hectic effort.

A single track to recommend? Probably Witch’s Scorn just for the extended melodic guitar tone that blends well with their dependable frenzy of metal.

Burn Down Eden – Burn Down Eden Full Track Listing:

1. Sadomasochists from Beyond the Grave
2. A Prepper’s Prophecy
3. Bizarre Circus
4. A Bloody Pool of Angels
5. Witch’s Scorn
6. Abducted Reality
7. Hurricane of Greed
8. Law Enforcement Ubermensch
9. The Five Horsemen
10. Encounters of the Unkind


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Burn Down Eden - Burn Down Eden (Kernkraftritter Records)
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