Album Review: Bretus – Aion Tetra (Ordo MCM)

Bretus are a doom metal band from the South of Italy, founded in the year 2000. Born to pay homage to the great interpreters of doom/stoner/psych, they cite old horror movies, H.P. Lovecraft, mysticism and 70’s music as their inspirations.

Their third album entitled ‘Aion Tetra’ will released on September 27th 2019.

Aion Tetra

There is a bit of occult flavour to Bretus’ doom, steeped in mystery and mysticism but not lacking in doomy impact. From the moment The Third Mystic Eye gets going, the coldness pours from their riffs and the vocals deliver a sermon that must be listened too.

A banger of a start, Priest of Chaos follows that up with an equally as strong track. Deep guitar chug and a deliciously evil bit of groove, the tempo switching and changing in an instant. Prisoner of the Night is all that more delectable as the tone is even darker, the excellent vocals calling listeners to hell.

The title track allows a moment to recover the senses and prepare for what follows. Deep Space Voodoo is so low, so slow and so intense with the thrum of the guitars vibrating through the body. Mark of Evil hammers the doomy nails in, the riffs slow and drawling but still incredibly infectious. Cosmic Crow ups the tempo a little to stop the mind turning to complete mush.

Something that isn’t completely out of the realms of possibility considering the depth and breadth of Bretus’ doom. It really is an excellent album capped off with a short chilled penultimate number called Fields of Mars and the weighty tome that is City of Frost.


Bretus – Aion Tetra Full Track Listing:

1. The Third Mystic Eye
2. Priest of Chaos
3. Prisoner of the Night
4. Aion Tetra
5. Deep Space Voodoo
6. Mark of Evil
7. Cosmic Crow
8. Fields of Mars
9. City of Frost




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Bretus – Aion Tetra (Ordo MCM)
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