Album Review: Boss Keloid – Melted On The Inch (Holy Roar Records)

Released by Holy Roar Records on 27th April 2018, Melted on the Inch is the new album from progressive metal/doom band, Boss Keloid.

The band comments: “For us, Melted On The Inch is a strong progression from Herb Your Enthusiasm. It draws from a much wider pond of influence than our previous. It is more progressive, more uplifting, more melancholic, more emotional, more dynamic, there is a greater emphasis on light and shade, it is heavier, it is more delicate, it has more beauty, it has more darkness.“

Boss Keloid 2

One of the most exciting young bands in the UK metal scene right now, there is a little bit of expectation on Boss Keloid now. Can they follow up and improve upon their excellent previous releases?

The answer is yes and yes. Melted on the Inch is a fantastic 6-track album that fascinates as much as it excites. Progressive doesn’t do them justice, there is far more to Boss Keloid and for 40+ minutes they prove why they are considered one of the best in British metal.

If you’re not convinced then the insanely imaginative opener, Chronosiam will do the job. Unbelievably brilliant, the twisting and turning of a track that is as heavy as much as it is a work of art. The dynamic riffing, the fuzzy feedback, the emotive highs, the melancholic lows, the down and dirty groove…sublime.

How do they folllw that up? With the soaring beauty and hefty metal punches of Tarku Shavel before the oddity that is Peykruve takes over. Odd because of the ‘reggae’ like intro which effortlessly slides into complex riffing and a booming heavy beat.

The amount of different elements that exist in Melted on the Inch could leave things sounding confused but Boss Keloid hold it all together well. Even the occasional missteps they take (such as the first minute of Jromalih) are quickly corrected.

Each new track brings fresh excitement as there is no doubt that Boss Keloid will provide something equally as fascinating as what has come already. Which is exactly what the latter two tracks of the album do. Lokannok thrills & chills with some of the heaviest riffs & hugest vocal highs so far before Griffonbrass ends things in glorious groove style.

Simply unbelievable. In time Meltes on the Inch will become known as one of the defining records of the modern era of metal.



Boss Keloid 1

Boss Keloid – Melted on the Inch Full Track Listing:

1. Chronosiam
2. Tarku Shavel
3. Peykruve
4. Jromalih
5. Lokannok
6. Griffonbrass

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You can order the album via Bandcamp here and via Holy Roar Records here. The album will also be available via Spotify and Apple Music where you can preview a couple of tracks below. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page and following them on Twitter & Instagram.

Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch (Holy Roar Records)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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