Album Review: Bloodmouth – Unmanned (Brilliant Emperor Records)

Featuring members of Canberra’s Ploughshare, Mental Cavity and IEXIST, vegan death/grind guerrillas Bloodmouth emerge from the capital with pulverizing virulence on their debut LP ‘Unmanned’. Out on the 29th October 2021 via Brilliant Emperor Records.

Around 20 minutes of blood-curdling and stomach-churning noise, Bloodmouth spit out 11 tracks of hyperactive and horrid death/grind on Unmanned. 11 tracks of filthy discomfort that features all the furious aggression you would expect from death and all the revolting clamour you would expect from grind.

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If you don’t have the taste for this kind of music than you’re going to find yourself appalled by what you hear. Though, you can’t argue that Bloodmouth aren’t bloody good at what they’re doing here. It’s just one of those ‘acquired taste’ things with one massive bonus – it is short. Short enough to let it blast you in the face. Then recover and decide if you want to subject yourself to it again.

You might be surprised to find that the answer is yes. Sometimes you just want some no-nonsense brutality to bite into and Bloodmouth offer up a bloody carcass with Unmanned. With only one track passing the 2-minute mark, it melts in the mouth.

Want a brief taste first? Try Spoiled Gaze, Flesh Ceremony or With Pliers to get some idea of just how savage this album is.

Bloodmouth – Unmanned Full Track Listing:

1. Dragged Across the Threshold
2. Spoiled Gaze
3. Matsutake Inheritence
4. The Name of a Dog
5. Flesh Ceremony
6. Tomb of the Stoat
7. Zootrotic Convulsions
8. Copcrocalypse 1312
9. Pneumatic Internals
10. With Pliers
11. Pangolin Death Squad


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Bloodmouth - Unmanned (Brilliant Emperor Records)
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