Album Review: Blind Scryer – Blind Scryer (Self Released)

Blind Scryer is a five-piece stoner rock band hailing from Louisville, KY. Boasting bluesy riffs, thunderous bass, and towering vocals, the band has become a crowd favourite since their inception in 2016. Nodding their heads towards traditional doom and expanding their sound with an uptempo drive. Their debut eponymous album is set for release in digital and CD formats on March 29th, 2019 with a follow-up EP in the works for 2020.

The band commented “We are proud to present the culmination of 3 years of experimenting, writing, and performing. Our self-titled debut record combines many of the band’s longstanding influences and serves as a foundation for our upcoming release that is slated for 2020.”

Blind Scryer 2

It’s hard to know what is better on Blind Scryer’s self titled. The riffs, the chuggy percussion, the high vocals that hark back to an old-school doom sound…each element brings their own important tasty morsel to the feast.

Blind Scryer deliver a fattening but so enjoyable spread of high-quality stoner rock with doom-infusions. Nine tracks to head-bang too. Delta V for example, is one that demands you get your neck muscles working overtime.

Elsewhere Mask pushes the limits of how melody can be infused into vocals to go alongside heavy stoner doom and the title track brings molasses covered riffs.

Does it begin to lose impact as it goes on? Just a little as the album does begin to suffer from bleeding. Song 4 is a little too ordinary to get too excited about and excusing a wicked solo, Ten Year Bender doesn’t hit the highs heard elsewhere. It’s the difference between finding £20 in your wallet instead of the £25 you thought was there. It’s still great but you had £25, you’re sure of it!

Blind Scryer wrap up strongly though with Slow Movin’. A powerful finish built around gargantuan riffs. Blind Scryer are one to watch.

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Blind Scryer – Blind Scryer Full Track Listing:

1. Ride The Sun
2. Snake Handler
3. Delta V
4. Mask
5. Blind Scryer
6. Backslide
7. Song 4
8. Ten Year Bender
9. Slow Movin’



The album can be ordered via Bandcamp here and more information found via Blind Scyer’s Facebook Page.

Blind Scryer - Blind Scryer (Self Released)
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