Album Review: Blind Guardian – The God Machine (Nuclear Blast)

Legendary German power metal band, Blind Guardian return with The God Machine, the band’s twelfth studio album and first ‘regular’ studio album in seven years, following Beyond the Red Mirror in 2015. The God Machine will be released on September 2nd, 2022 via Nuclear Blast.

It feels like forever since we have had an album full of new Blind Guardian music so the release of The God Machine is one reason to rejoice. Need another? How about the fact that it is an excellent release. A combination of the power that the Blind Guardian of old held and the power that modern Blind Guardian exude. The God Machine is not a throwback to their earlier, heavier days but it certainly is a nod to that time period.

Beginning with the wild and frantic Deliver Us from Evil, the speed of the guitars and drums make it clear this album is going to be a more intense album. Yet, it’s still Blind Guardian and the collective wonder of their harmonised vocals, a memorable chorus and screeching guitar solo stands out strongly.

Things just get better and better from here though. Firstly, with Damnation, a beast of a track that is suitably epic but so fast and heavy too. Then with Secrets of the American Gods, a track that has a lot of pomp about it. Blind Guardian deliver grandness on a level not heard from them in a long time while being suitably and enjoyably heavy too. This track is a must listen as the legends mix massive orchestration and metal in their own unique way.

It’s a tough ask for Violent Shadows to follow such a mind-blowing track but thanks to a thumping and energetic pace, it more than delivers too. Blind Guardian at their most intense sounding. Something that bleeds into Life Beyond the Spheres even if this is a slower-paced, darker and more bombastic offering.

The best Blind Guardian album since Nightfall in Middle Earth? It certainly feels like the most ‘complete’ album they’ve done in some time. Even more proof coming in the form of Architects of Doom (that harmonising and that guitar solo) and Let It Be No More (a welcome taste of melody).

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The penultimate track is Blood of the Elves and it’s one of the most startlingly fast and heavy tracks on the entire album. The instruments are on fire and even the vocals get downright growly at times. It’s really interesting and very exciting. However, worry not, the chorus is so classic Blind Guardian it will make you laugh out loud with joy.

Which makes Destiny the finale and what a finish it is too. Perhaps the most unusually structured track on the album. Some progressive ideas, some outright head-banging moments and plenty of that Blind Guardian lavishness we all love so very much.

The God Machine is an excellent album, one of Blind Guardian’s best and certainly the finest of their modern output. A reinvigorated Blind Guardian is a very exciting prospect indeed.

Blind Guardian – The God Machine Full Track Listing:

1. Deliver Us from Evil
2. Damnation
3. Secrets of the American Gods
4. Violent Shadows
5. Life Beyond the Spheres
6. Architects of Doom
7. Let It Be No More
8. Blood of the Elves
9. Destiny


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Blind Guardian – The God Machine (Nuclear Blast)
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