Album Review: Black Falcon – Turn Around and Face the Sun (MSH Music Group)

Delivering riff-fuelled, distortion driven, harmonic and uplifting sounds since their inception in 2015, Black Falcon finally release upon the world their first full-length album entitled, Turn Around and Face the Sun.

The UK five-piece have played a string of hugely successful live shows throughout the country, sharing the stage with the likes of L.A. Guns, and being the main support for U.S. rock giants Puddle of Mudd on the UK leg of their recent tour.

Turn Around and Face the Sun is out now via MSH Music Group.

Black Falcon 2

With a sprinkling of sleaze all throughout, Turn Around and Face the Sun is 11 tracks of good-time hard rock with elements of metal thrown in for good measure. The band draw from a number of different styles so its not easy to lump them into one category or another but all you really need to know is they deliver quality tunes.

All about anthems and choruses that beat you over the head with their catchiness, Wipe Out Gods has a touch of southern sludge with a bit more energy. That fire is consistent throughout the album. A major driving force of just why the likes of One False Move and Release the Hounds rock so hard.

Then we have tracks like Enough, littered with catchy hooks and the groove of Two Face to really get the body moving. Before Turn Around and Face the Sun is even half over, it has provided banging track after banging track!

It gets better though as the Pixel Queen showcases some wickedly sexy bass lines and The Final Must-Hang digs deep with gorgeous groove. The latter is one of the chunkiest tracks of the album, seeing the band really lean towards the metal part of their sound.

Mis-steps are few and far between but one does come in the form of Great to Be You, a track that falls flat and is forgettable. Easily overlooked though when the album is so chock-full of quality.

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Black Falcon – Turn Around and Face the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Wipe Out Gods
2. One False Move
3. Enough
4. Release the Hounds
5. Two Face
6. The Wolf You Read
7. Pixel Queen
8. The Legend (I Appear)
9. Great to Be You
10. The Final Must-Hang
11. Walls Come Down

Turn Around and Face the Sun can be found via all major streaming services. Find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out Black Falcon’s website. You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Black Falcon – Turn Around and Face the Sun (MSH Music Group)
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