Album Review: Black Atlas – Weight of the World (Self Released)

Black Atlas are a four piece band hailing from Bedfordshire, England and were formed in 2015. The first couple of years were spent shaping their sound into what it is today. Deciding that their songs would sound better heavier, slower and with more fuzz meant they drifted away from the standard rock band and down the rabbit hole into something with more of a stoner edge. Recording an EP, Black Atlas – Black Atlas (2016), during those years helped them to realise the direction they wanted to go and that the goal would be to record an album.

Which brings us to Weight of the World, the debut album is due out on November 2nd 2018.

Black Atlas 1

The previously mentioned stoner edge is immediately present as Black Atlas get their nine-track album underway in heavy groove style. The fuzzed out riffing, deep bass lines and wicked clean vocals. I’m not Dead, Paralyser and Long Man start things off in body-shaking and head-splitting style. The latter’s disjointed riffing is spectacular.



Channelling the best of stoner rock and infusing it with their own tripped out, slow filth-covered groove, Black Atlas show why they are a band that people need to be paying attention too.

By time it reaches Amnesia, you’ll be lost in a tornado of haziness with sombre beauty encapsulated by the following, Preacher. A track that starts off light before erupting into fast-paced guitar heavy groove that will get the body shaking and the head well and truly banging.

The album flies by and before you know it, Piece by Piece is laying on the fuzzy bass on even thicker. Soul-suckingly thick. Black Atlas have done brilliantly here.

Black Atlas 1

Black Atlas – Weight of the World Full Track Listing:

1. I’m Not Dead
2. Paralyser
3. Long Man
4. Low Tides
5. Incoming Waves
6. Deadweight
7. Amnesia
8. Preacher
9. Piece By Peace

Long Man can be picked up and streamed now over on Bandcamp where the album will be available. Find out more and keep up to date with news by liking Black Atlas’ Facebook Page and following them on Instagram.


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Black Atlas - Weight of the World (Self Released)
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