Album Review: Blåådpalt – Sliced To Perfection (Inverse Records)

The Finnish death metal band Blåådpalt are set to release their debut album Sliced To Perfection on February 28th 2020 by Inverse Records.

Not the first country (Finland) that comes to mind when you think ‘death metal’ but Blåådpalt are certainly looking to change that with their beastly debut. An album that has a hell of a lot of refinement to give it a bit more rhythm and hell of a lot more groove. Still a death metal listen, in every way possible though. Filled with Blåådpalt infused-rage but just a tighter and more structured listen.

Something that is well worth enjoying, especially once the more traditional ‘Corpse’ is out of the way. From Eradication onwards, Sliced to Perfection really gets interesting with the following God of Razorblade delivering a smashing combination of feral death heaviness with upbeat and exciting groove.

Of course, with both feet firmly planted in the extreme side of metal, it’s no surprise that what we mainly get here is a severe bludgeoning. One with weight of scratchy evil vocals, meaty riffs that pulsate with blood-filled veins and percussion that could rupture an abscess from across the room. It would be a painful listen if it wasn’t for the the aforementioned refinement that keeps the likes of The Final Nail, Vlad and the title track from devolving into a puddle of noise.

One to be remembered, for sure.

Blåådpalt – Sliced to Perfection Full Track Listing:

1. Corpse
2. Eradication
3. God of Razorblade
4. Firewalker
5. The Final Nail
6. Red Shores
7. Vlad
8. Sliced to Perfection
9. Stay Down
10. The Sculptor


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Blåådpalt - Sliced To Perfection (Inverse Records)
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