Album Review: Battalions – Forever Marching Backwards (APF Records)

Battalions, belligerent champions of the UK DIY underground scene are back with a meaty, confrontational new album entitled Forever Marching Backwards which is released by APF Records on November 30th 2018.

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Forever Marching Backwards is the follow up to the band’s 2017 release Moonburn and vocalist Phillip Wilkinson had this to say about it:

“Since beginning writing, pretty much straight after the recording of our 2017 album Moonburn, the new slimmed lineup has enabled us to let Pete’s riffs shine through and has given us the chance to grow as a band to make what we believe is by far the most accomplished album of our career. If you’ve followed Battalions for the last few albums you can expect a tighter production, bigger riffs, more of a focus on structure and song writing along with the usual self-depreciating humour peppered throughout.

The album itself is based around lead single Forever Marching Backwards from which the album takes its name, essentially an allegory about how society seems to be hardwired to follow blindly without the majority questioning motives. The blind leading the blind.“

The stoner/sludge heavy groove of Forever Marching Backwards is enough to send you in a wild fit of fury. A tight, punchy and dirty sound that has plenty of beardy beer-soaked swagger about it.

From the scaring riffs to the howling vocal style, Battalions is a crusty affair and there is much satisfaction to be gained by breaking it apart. It’s a bleak affair though even if some of the riffs (Cities of Ruin) have a real upbeat style to it.

Then there is the filthy bass and infusions of pace that comes in Vaseline (G)Love, a track that shows off all the groove and heaviness that Battalions have to show. There not always about the serious though as shown by the song, Tyskie Vampire. About being on tour with their label mates Pist, dropping cans of strong Polish lager on the floor and having to suck them dry when they split open.

Coming in at around 30 minutes, it’s over before you know it but Battalions save the best for the latter part of the album. Infinite Void is wickedly dark and tasty with groove that gets the body moving as much as the head banging. The riffs in that and the following Brick Hole are outstanding.

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Battalions – Forever Marching Backwards Full Track Listing:

1. Forever Marching Backwards
2. Cities of Ruin
3. Goat Feeder
4. Vaseline (G)Love
5. Tyskie Vampire
6. Infinite Void
7. Brick Hole
8. Devil’s Footsteps



You can order the album now over on Bandcamp as well as via all major streaming/digital services. Find out more and keep up to date with news by liking the band’s Facebook Page and following them on Instagram and Twitter.

Battalions - Forever Marching Backwards (APF Records)
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