Album Review: Basement Gary – As Bg as They Wanna Be (Krod Records)

Haling from the South of France, upstart pop-punkers Basement Gary will release their album ‘As Bg as They Wanna Be’ via Krod Records on May 20th, 2022.

With the singles released from this album so far, Basement Gary have already proven that this album is definitely going to be a memorable one. One rooted in the nostalgic pop-punk sound of yester-year but given a fresh coat of paint.

Which is exactly what it is. An album of short, catchy and melodic tunes that have as much relevancy now, even if it could have easily come out in the height of the pop-punk era. That relevancy comes from the subject matters and the impressive amount of passion the band exude.

Passion that injects a ton of life into the music and those listening. Tracks like This Ain’t a Like Song, Like a Millionaire, Let Me Breathe (one of the punkiest sounding tracks on the album) and With the Radio On. Each track, interesting and different enough to stand out. Tracks that make you think of warm summer days and carefree lives.

Though there is also a ton of heart that shines strongly on the immense catchiness of This Ghost of You and I, the grin-inducing Bg is for Basement Gary and the stupidly infectious Nanana. The latter being a great example of how Basement Gary can deliver such quality in such a short amount of time, being only 45 seconds long.

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It’s quite interesting too that they choose to end the album with the moodiest and most downbeat sounding track on the album with Alright, Goodbye, See You Next Time. An unexpected ending but, like the album overall, very memorable.

Basement Gary – As Bg as They Wanna Be Full Track Listing:

1. Hi, I’m Gary
2. What I Can Get
3. This Ain’t a Like Song
4. The Ghost of You and I
5. Like a Millionaire
6. Let Me Breathe
7. The Voice Mail Interlude
8. Bg is for Basement Gary
9. Superfuzz Bigmeuf
10. Nanana
11. With the Radio On
12. Alright, Goodbye, See You Next Time


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Basement Gary - As Bg as They Wanna Be (Krod Records)
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