Album Review: Ballsdeep – Temperance (Self Released)

Ballsdeep formed in 2010 with one main plan; to become more aggressive, more energetic and more extreme with every release that they create. The band is set to create a triple release album; releasing each part every six months. So you get to hear their new material get more aggressive and nasty as each release takes place!

Since Ballsdeep’s last album release (‘…and on the eighth day’ – 2016), the band spent three years on a huge tour cycle sending them all around the UK on headline shows, major tour supports and festival appearances sharing stages with the likes of Sepultura, Skindred, Raging Speedhorn, Decapitated, Evil Scarecrow, Def Con One and Conan to name but a few.

Ballsdeep then went through a rebuilding and repairing year in 2019, having a change of drummer by bringing Tim Paling behind the kit and also overcoming some serious medical issues that could have ended the band. Instead, they overcame this and ended up writing and recording ‘Temperance’, which Ballsdeep feel is their strongest and most aggressive material to date.

The new album ‘Temperance, Death and the High Priestess’ takes inspiration from tarot cards and their meanings. Part one of the new album is ‘Temperance’, which is due for release on 25th June 2021.


Part 1 of this triple release, Temperance starts off with fiery intensity and don’t hold back at all. If this is the ‘least’ aggressive part of the overall record, we’re in for something truly devastating come the latter part. Lay the Lines is a furious ball of energy, Ballsdeep bringing heavy head-banging and meaty sounding groove metal out to play. It gets right up in your face and it’s bloody great.

Talking of bloody though… the aptly titled Claret comes next and has Ballsdeep delivering stinging slashes with their riffs. Backed up a thumping drumbeat, sharpened bass lines and vicious sounding vocals. So much snarl, there’s a thrash edge to this track that really hits the metal senses.

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Supercharger then brings some of that ‘Pantera’ style stomping groove in a short but blistering blast of noise. Before X takes the tempo in different but equally brutalising directions. This is the shit that makes you walk with purpose and stand up that little bit straighter. You might feel ready to take on the world after a listen or two and the last track, King of the Heathens won’t change that.

Ballsdeep at their wildest sounding and their most circle-pit inducing, the flurry of riffs and the depth of fury the vocals reach is awesome to hear. Though, the heavy punch that is the chorus is what really sticks. This is some intense stuff and even further confirmation of just how good Ballsdeep are.

We can’t wait to see what comes with the next part!

Ballsdeep – Temperance Full Track Listing:

1. Lay the Lines
2. Claret
3. Supercharger
4. X
5. King of the Heathens


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Ballsdeep - Temperance (Self Released)
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