Album Review: Bailer – Disposable Youth (Blood Blast Distribution)

Irish metallic hardcore quartet Bailer make their triumphant return with their debut album ‘Disposable Youth’, due for release on 12th November 2021 via Blood Blast Distribution.

Following on from 2018’s self-titled EP (Distroy Records), 2017’s ‘PTSD’ and 2016’s ‘Shaped By The Landscape’, Bailer’s ambitious collection of tracks is about to expand and truly propel their notoriety outside of their native Ireland.

When you think of metal coming out of Ireland, hardcore might not be the first thing that jumps to mind. Which really does mean Bailer standout out even if they’re the sum of many hardcore and metal influences around the world. Does that mean they don’t have their own unique flavour? Of course not. For starters, the unbridled aggression and attention to detail the band showcases across 10 tracks is unbelievably impressive. This is an unblemished all out heavy assault that exudes passion and believability.

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Stretching themselves with the smashing and brain mashing start of Blackout, Bailer arrive with a confidence that could be seen as a swagger. The crunching percussion, the unbalanced guitar rhythm and the vocal shouts, screams and roars makes for an opener that wakes you up.

The methodical and controlled pace they showcased at the start is out the window for a pair of wild and uncouth blasts in the forms of Bastard Son and Out of Frame. Both tracks are eye-wateringly fast and intense. Hardcore at its best, battering you over the head again and again and again.

Though it’s a more ‘heavy metal’ set of riffs and rolling drum beat that greets on Cruel Master. Don’t be fooled by the friendly wave though, Bailer quickly stop holding back and deliver a smash-mouth assault of ferocity. The vocals are outstanding here, being stretched to the point of snapping.

Can you feel the blood pumping in your veins? The pounding heat in your head and throbbing in your ears? That’s what Bailer’s Disposable Youth does to you.

The pounding enhanced by Strung Out with its angry, slightly sinister edge and super-thick bass. Before Scourge brings swinging fists and kicks a plenty, and Gateway Drug explodes with energetic life. With the latter we actually get something with a bit more of a chorus to it, but the highlight is the chunky breakdown at the end.

Bailer make No Apologies for their constant hard and heavy attack. The unmitigated brutishness of this track and the following There is A Love that Remains, is up there as the band sounding at their most aggressive. Spitting, frothing, snarling and raging… it’s a call to arms for the angry and pissed off out there.

This level of intensity is exhausting though so it’s good Bailer wrap things up with Fester. A finale with an apt title as it feels so filthy and sounds even more infectious.

It’s been a long time coming but it has been worth the wait.

Bailer – Disposable Youth Full Track Listing:

1. Blackout
2. Bastard Son
3. Out of Frame
4. Cruel Master
5. Strung Out
6. Scourge
7. Gateway Drug
8. No Apologies
9. There is A Love that Remains
10. Fester




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Bailer - Disposable Youth (Blood Blast Distribution)
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