Album Review: Avi Rosenfeld – Very Heepy Very Purple XI (Self Released)

One of the busiest and most prolific musical artists in the world, Avi Rosenfeld continued his Very Heepy Very Purple story with the 11th chapter. Very Heepy Very Purple XI was released in July 2020.

We love a bit of Avi Rosenfeld’s classic rock sound, having checked out a few of his Very Heepy Very Purple releases over the years. Always a crowd pleaser, there may not be much in the way of originality but that’s not really the point. These albums are often heady tributes to a sound from yesteryear and Very Heepy Very Purple XI doesn’t change that.



From the groovy and rocking start of You Are So Lazy to the blistering energy of She’s A Speed Demon to the mellower but super-catchy Battle Shock. The first half of the album is every bit the smile-inducing classic rock heavyweight it should be. No surprises though as Avi Rosenfeld could do this stuff in his sleep. Spitting out an inordinate amount of guitar solos that all offer up something different. A highlight coming with the frantic offering of Help Me.

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The latter half of the album is just as focused as the former with animated I Know That You’re Sorry. The meatier groove of Messenger of War which leans towards the metal stylings of Iron Maiden, the chilled out and grandiose vibes of Lifeboat, the burst of memorable energy that is El Matador (a personal favourite) and the fist-punching epic finale of Marching to Their Fate. It’s all quality stuff and as enjoyable as always.

Avi Rosenfeld – Very Heepy Very Purple XI Full Track Listing:

1. You Are So Lazy
2. Secret Bloom Blinding
3. She’s A Speed Demon
4. Battle Shock
5. Help Me
6. I know That You’re Sorry
7. Messenger Of War
8. Lifeboat
9. El Matador
10. Marching To Their Fate


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Avi Rosenfeld - Very Heepy Very Purple XI (Self Released)
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