Album Review: Asgrauw – Gronspech (Heidens Hart Records)

Crawling out of mythological border regions of Gelderland, The Netherlands, Asgrauw delves deeper into their local myths and sagas on this third black metal monument paying hommage to the classic sound of the 90s. Their third album ‘Gronspech’ is out on February 4th 2019 on vinyl via Heidens Hart Records.

Asgrauw 2

While Gronspech delivers on its promise of being a tribute to the classic black metal sound of the 90’s thanks to an evil duel vocal performance, it’s not afraid to take a few risks. It does this by using subtle hints of synth to give it a darker and more atmospheric edge.

Across nine tracks the black metallers freeze souls with their icy sound. One that’s raw sounding but fits the tone and style perfectly (as is often the case with the bleaker side of metal). Tracks like Pletsmajoor, Sgoer and Kiste Trui provide unexpected riffing executed to perfection. It’s black metal but stuff that might appeal to a wider audience thanks to an effort that can rightfully be called thrilling.

A lot of praise has to be laid at the feet of the vocals. A combo of horrific yelps, screams and roars with segments of spoken word and clean singing. Interesting, well put together and gives a chill like an ice cube sliding down the spine.

Give this one a listen.

Asgrauw 1

Asgrauw – Gronspech Full Track Listing:

1. Plétsmajoor
2. Wolvenbloe.d
3. Sgoer
4. Duu.velsbé.rreg
5. Kiste Trui
6. Duitenpact
7. Galgehei.j
8. Zwotte Ruïne
9. Grafwè.gen



The album is available digitally now over on Bandcamp and the vinyl over on Heidens Hart Records.

Asgrauw - Gronspech (Heidens Hart Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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