Album Review: Archaic Thorn – Eradication (Into Endless Chaos Records)

Into Endless Chaos Records presents “Eradication” – the first full-length album of German horde Archaic Thorn, featuring seven songs of total Death Metal! A harbinger of pure violence, death and madness. Their strike against the world! Out on the 14th December 2020.

Plying a filthy and blacker style of death metal, as the year comes to a close, Archaic Throne look to ensure you end things in a dark and twisted mindset. The slow drawl of their guttural horror revelling in the rotting stench of carcasses. Savage and filth-ridden but like all good death metal, punchy and memorable. Especially as it increases in tempo and intensity as it goes on, the initial darkness of Into Endless Black Sky becoming unavoidable chaos with Thoughtless Eradication and Cleansing Fire.

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There’s a composure to Archaic Thorn’s brand of death metal chaos though. Exemplified by the noise that comes careening towards the ears with Regression. What seems like a car crash is actually a premeditated thing. Looking up just before it hits to see Archaic Thorn grinning evilly behind the wheel.

Bloodied and broken, Archaic Thorn begin their stompy Deathmarch, where the toiling of the bell that signifies the afterlife is replaced by a frenzy of riffs and percussion. Said frenzy continues into into the no-nonsense wild and fiery Extraterrestrial Blood, easily Archaic Thorn’s most intense effort on the album. Before Impure Desolation has the death metal heathens really show just how detailed they can go when stretching their madness out to excruciating lengths.

As dark skies close and everything feels so much more hopeless, albums like this work as the perfect soundtrack to such a desolate feeling.

Archaic Thorn – Eradication Full Track Listing:

1. Into Endless Black Sky
2. Thoughtless Eradication
3. Cleansing Fire
4. Regression
5. Deathmarch
6. Extraterrestrial Blood
7. Impure Desolation


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Archaic Thorn - Eradication (Into Endless Chaos Records)
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