Album Review: Angerot – The Splendid Iniquity (Black Market Metal)

South Dakota-based death metallers, Angerot rise from the ashes of Midwestern Metal to announce their crushing debut album, The Splendid Iniquity. Out on April 13th 2018 via Black Market Metal.

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“We definitely do not feel this is a throwback band by any means. We all cut our teeth during the rise of this genre, and we are simply doing what comes naturally,” asserts vocalist/guitarist C.R. Petit. “We wanted to keep everything as on-point with the early 90’s as possible, that is why we elected to work with Tomas Skogsberg to mix our record. We could feel right away he knew exactly what we were trying to accomplish all the way around.”

The earth cracks and the heavens open as the hordes do battle all while Angerot provide the soundtrack to the end of the world. As death metal as they come but hardly living in the past, The Splendid Iniquity is a roaring beast of aggression and malice.

Eternal Unrest is a pulsating sac of heaviness, the title track drops the tempo but delivers a ferocious lesson in riffing before Rivers of Chaos makes a concerted effort to rip your guts out. Angerot are heavy but deliver a structured listen that gets under the skin.

It plows along with no concern for anything but harsh death metal delivery. From the Pit to the Apex, Deliver Us and That Hate Awoke proving to be ear-pleasingly heavy. As exhausting as the album can be it’s very digestible so by time the thumping riffs, drums and throaty vocals of Falia Diaboli (Alisin) closes out you’ll be ready for round two!



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Angerot – The Splendid Iniquity Full Track Listing:

1. Black Epoch
2. Eternal Unrest
3. The Splendid Iniquity
4. Rivers of Chaos
5. Under the Calm
6. They Wake at Dusk
7. From the Pit to the Apex
8. Deliver Us…
9. That Hath Awoke
10. Falia Diaboli (Alisin)

The album can be picked up via Black Market Metal here and over on Angerot’s Bandcamp where merch can also be bought. Find out more/keep up to date by liking Angerot’s Facebook Page!


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Angerot - The Splendid Iniquity (Black Market Metal)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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