Album Review: Angel Rising – Immortal Volition (Music-Records)

Angel Rising is a melodic death metal project who released their second album ‘Immortal Volition’ on February 12th 2022 with a CD and graphic novel to be released in September 2022 via Music-Records.

Immortal Volition is a concept album describing the events following a cataclysmic eruption and the arrival on earth of a new species: the Neon Ones. The story is told from two perspectives: that of the Neon King and that of his son ‘Asai’ who came back from the dead in a world reshaped by his father.

A concept made for metal, especially death metal and death metal with a sharp, technical edge. What we get with Immortal Volition is an album of ferocity, one delivered with epic melodic intensity and a prowess that tells you all you need to know about the artists involved.

A multi-talented bunch, it’s not just the fiery sound of the guitars, pounding drumbeats or guttural vocals that stand out. Alongside all of that, which is saying something, are lavish effects and vocal switches that add the sense of grandness that makes this album more than just another conceptual melo-death release.

Those are the touch that makes Immortal Volition a special release but that wouldn’t matter if the ‘metal’ wasn’t up to scratch. Thankfully, that’s far from the case as Angel Rising deliver crunchy, complex and infectious sounding heaviness to please even the most ardent anti-melo-death listener. Those who prefer their death metal to sound deathy. Be assured, Angel Rising lean more towards the darker and dirtier sound of death metal.

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That a lot of what is featured on this album comes from one man (Listenangel) is all the more impressive, though hardly a surprise when you look at his background. What’s even better though is this album is a step-up from the debut self-titled album. An album we thought was good, not great. Immortal Volition is a great album, an injection of varied melo-death that always manages to hold the attention with interesting shifts and tonal turns. It always manages to induce head-banging and always manages to please the metal spirit. Top shelf stuff.

Angel Rising – Immortal Volition Full Track Listing:

1. Thy Kingdom Fall
2. Upon the Vale
3. The Neon Ones
4. Immortal Volition
5. Persistence
6. Devil Particle
7. Pull the Trigger
8. Nox Aeterna


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Angel Rising - Immortal Volition (Music-Records)
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