Album Review: Alizarin – The Last Semblance (Self Released)

Born out of the forward-thinking inclinations of guitarist/vocalist Josh Kay in late 2017, Alizarin is on a mission to explore unconventional rock music. In addition to Kay, the Los Angeles based group consists of Jon Damon on drums, Terran Fernandez on bass guitar, and Avelino Ramirez on keyboard.

Alizarin released their first full-length album, titled “Cast Zenith”, in 2018 and is preparing to release their new album “The Last Semblance” on July 10th 2020.

Kay had this to say:

The album is a work of cinematic progressive metal, centered around brooding melodies and wrapped in epic compositions. There are influences from many styles of music, many beyond metal as well. The music is very melody-driven, with technical aspects in moderation woven into the larger song structures. The chords, melodies, and arrangements are meant to be unpredictable, unconventional, and compelling while remaining extremely listenable and catchy.

Cinematic progressive metal… is there anything as exciting as that description? The question is if Alizarin are able to deliver on such a promise.

The short answer is yes but this is a near hour long listen so certainly requires a bit more analysis. Starting with the fact that it feels every bit the length it is yet that’s no bad thing for once. Simply because this is an album that can certainly be called all encompassing and is certainly something that takes hold and tightens that grip the longer it goes on.

Progressive melodies, complex depth, mournful lows, encapsulating highs, energetic rhythms and so much more. The devil is in the detail and Alizarin has a hell of a lot of devilish elements. Stuff that really takes hold and burrows its way deeply into the brain matter.

It’s the likes of Fathom, a dreamy offering that has gold riffing and soloing, and Attenuation with its elongated passages and epic feel, that truly excel. However, there really isn’t a track on the album that doesn’t in some way startle or astonish. 2020 has seen progressive rock and metal really expand to even more unique environments and Alizarin are leading the pack with a release like this.

Experience The Last Semblance…it’s pretty unforgettable.

Alizarin – The Last Semblance Full Track Listing:

1. Elegy Simulacra
2. Fathom
3. A Wreath of Temperance
4. Velvet Margin
5. Heirloom
6. Zero Sum
7. Attenuation
8. The Ivory Silo

Alizarin - The Last Semblance (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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