Album Review: Alda – A Distant Fire (Eisenwald)

Eisenwald is pleased to announce that after not releasing any new music for six years, Alda returns to the forefront of extreme metal music with their fourth full-length album “A Distant Fire”. It will be released on October 8th, 2021.

There are no shortage of bands mixing black metal, folk and post-rock these days but some of the originators of this meshing of styles have been forgotten about as time moves on and they hibernate. One such band is Alda, who finally re-emerge to reclaim their place in the world.

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A Distant Fire is Alda reminding everyone that when it comes to this kind of music, this kind of peaceful enthusiasm, they are untouchable. First Light’s folk-inspired melody spending a few minutes putting the mind at ease so Stonebreaker can upend it. Alda do this by unleashing a barrage of coarse black metal, one that has a post-rawness to it. An evolving song that drifts through poignant passages and stirring ups and downs.

Miserable and forlorn at times, passive and enriching at others; Drawn Astray is even more captivating. Whereas Forlorn Peaks is a focused post-black metal beating with just twinges of melody littered throughout to freshen things up here and there. Each track, a momentous undertaking for Alda and the listener but one that feels so necessary. Especially as it does fly by (even if it is over 50 minutes long).

Suddenly, the very short and dark atmosphere of Loo-Wit is here. Serving as an intro to the near 17-minute finale that is the title track. Yes, you read that right but here’s the thing… it doesn’t feel it. Such is the extraordinary journey that Alda take us on. This is a track that radiates beauty while being as beastly as ever when needed. Their bite is as harsh as their bark but it’s not what you’ll remember from this track. Or the album as a whole.

Alda – A Distant Fire Full Track Listing:

1. First Light
2. Stonebreaker
3. Drawn Astray
4. Forlorn Peaks
5. Loo-Wit
6. A Distant Fire


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Alda - A Distant Fire (Eisenwald)
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