Album Review: Al-Namrood – Worship The Degenerate (Shaytan Productions)

Shaytan Productions presents Worship the Degenerate, the 8th full-length album from Saudi Arabia black metallers Al-Namrood. It will be released on April 29th, 2022.



Black metal from Saudi-Arabia, Al-Namrood have been unflinchingly testing the expected norms for a long time now and continue to challenge perceptions with this latest release. Delivering a slab of old school black metal that is warped by some of their countries’ traditional instruments.

A raw and harsh style of blackness, Al-Namrood certainly deliver on the expected ferocity that comes with black metal. Spitting fire and brimstone that will feel very familiar, aside from the aforementioned touches of traditional instruments. It is this stuff that gives Worship the Degenerate a fresher flavour. Even if it will still cause a lot of blackened bile to be spat up.

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You’ll likely feel a lot of warmth towards Al-Namrood because of the difficult situation that being a black metal band in the Middle East creates. However, Al-Namrood are more than happy to pour icy scorn over those feelings.

From Protector of the Herd through to Free Will, the group suck the life-energy out of all who listen and condemn those who remain to the pits of darkness and despair. It’s black metal and it’s pretty damn good.

Al-Namrood – Worship the Degenerate Full Track Listing:

1. Protector of The Herd
2. Worship the Degenerate
3. Guerillas
4. Sun of Liberation
5. Eclipse
6. Free Will




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Al-Namrood - Worship The Degenerate (Shaytan Productions)
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