Album Review: Ævangelist – Dream an Evil Dream III (Dead Seed Productions)

Originating in U.S. and now located in Finland & France, dark esoteric musical entity Ævangelist are back with their new opus titled “Dream an Evil Dream III”. The one-track record is the third excursion into the darkest realm of heavenly melancholia within the outer dark, to be released on February 22nd, 2021 via Dead Seed Productions.

While not the first or the last to go with the ‘single’ track idea, Ævangelist might be the entity that does it better than most. When doing something like this, the flow is so important. Break it apart too much and you’re left wondering why it wasn’t just several tracks. Stay focused on one particular style or element and chances are, it will start to blend and become mundane.

Ævangelist nails the balance perfectly with a twisted and stylish 46-minute effort based in the gloominess of black metal but dripping in horror-infused melancholia. Its innate ability to corrupt the mind by subtly changing the main rhythm as things progress is easily the most standout aspect of the track. It’s consistently darkly intense but the shifts are there, small changes in tone that stand out strongly.

As it reaches the 12/13-minute mark things begin to break down and get chaotic sounding. Here, the shift in tone is much more noticeable and much more elaborate. Fascinatingly so, as it’s a waiting game to see just how Ævangelist can recover from the descent that is on show. With that in mind, perhaps the most amazing thing on show here is the fact that there is no real recovery. Instead, the drop just deepens and the darkness becomes ever more encroaching.

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By the 28-minute mark, it is a spiral that just seems never-ending and a sudden burst of speed will have the stomach doing flips. From that point on, it’s a gut-churning race to the finale where the reveal of what awaits within the pit of darkness comes racing into view. Will most make it?

Ævangelist – Dream an Evil Dream III Full Track Listing:

1. Dream an Evil Dream III


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Ævangelist – Dream an Evil Dream III (Dead Seed Productions)
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