Album Review: Acid King – Beyond Vision (Blues Funeral Recordings)

San Francisco-based stoner doom metal giants Acid King return with their fifth studio album, Beyond Vision. Out on March 24th on Blues Funeral Recordings in various vinyl editions, limited CD and digital.

A mind-altering and mood-bending opening delivers uncomfortable and discombobulating atmosphere. Like a heartbeat in the depths of darkness, One Light Second Away builds fear and wonder until Acid King step forth with doomy riffs and chilling melody. The expansion and development of this track is simply wonderful.

Brighter and more brilliant, tripper elements start to come into play on Mind’s Eye. Where an increase in the tempo gives this track a much stronger stoner-groove-based feel. It’s also the first showcase of the vocals, and bloody hell, do they add a sinister touch. Especially as this is a track that gets darker and heavier as it goes on. Utterly captivating stuff though.

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The flow of this album is amazing as we then move seamlessly into the twisted atmosphere of 90 Seconds. The transcendent sounds of horror are blended to perfection with weighty doom. Leading to Electro Magnetic, where the drawn-out tones put the mind on edge. Ready for Acid King to strike when they switch the tempo up and unleash a cacophony of stoner groove and doomy riffing. Leading to an outro that drips in ominous vibes.

This album of the year contender only gets better with Destination Psych and the title track. The former is a short and unnerving piece of ambience that speaks of portentous journeys. Whereas, the latter is a disturbing, weird and breath-taking example of Acid King’s infectious groove. The vocals are spectacular here.

Finally, it’s Color Trails and the transition into this track is so perfect, you won’t even notice, aside from the tone shift. Acid King beginning this one in subtle and more melodious style but with this captivating throb in the background. The synth is such an inspired touch, and then with a bang and a crash, it turns mean. Yet, it’s still unbelievably lovable. The rhythms are absolutely captivating to the extent that it almost sends you into a trance. It is, once again, a phenomenal piece of music.

What an album this is. Acid King have delivered what has to be called their finest work to date. From beginning to end, it grabs your attention and no amount of struggling will free you. An album of the year contender without a shadow of a doubt.

Acid King – Beyond Vision Track Listing:

1. One Light Second Away
2. Mind’s Eye
3. 90 Seconds
4. Electro Magnetic
5. Destination Psych
6. Beyond Vision
7. Color Trails


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Acid King - Beyond Vision (Blues Funeral Recordings)
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