Album Review: Achachak – High Mountain (Dostava Zvuka Records)

Formed in 1999, Achachak is a stoner rock band from Vučipolje, Croatia. To date they have released 3 EPs (Thick Hill, Pale Rider & Wet Grave) and two full-length albums (At the Bottom of The Sea & High Mountain). The latter was released about a month ago.

Groovy and heavy stoner rock with an eclectic twist that seems to reflect the band’s penchant for not sticking exclusively to the stoner playbook. High Mountain is an interesting listen, not because it is doing wild and unexpected stuff but rather because it isn’t ‘cut & paste’ noise.

Who doesn’t get an idea of exactly what to expect when you read ‘stoner rock’? At best you might get some variation that dabbles in sludge and doom. So, it’s nice to hear that Achachak are challenging and putting their own twist on things while being undeniably fuzzy and undeniably heavy. It also just happens to be fun, playful and weird at times.

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I’m looking at you, Maui Waui and Bong Goddess in particular.

Though, every other track has something here and there to grab the attention. Be it an exciting bout of groovy riffing, a bout of doomy weight dropped from a great height or a slow, evil sounding segment that gets under the skin.

Well worth checking out.

Achachak – High Mountain Full Track Listing:

1. High Mountain
2. Lonewolf
3. Captain Morning
4. Maui Waui
5. Bong Goddess
6. Mr. SM
7. Creator
8. Lesson
9. Biggest Wave
10. Cozy Night


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Achachak – High Mountain (Dostava Zvuka Records)
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