Album Review: Abolishment of Flesh – The Inhuman Condition (Unholy Anarchy Records)

Extreme metal band Abolishment of Flesh will release their debut full-length album, The Inhuman Condition on April 20th 2018 via Unholy Anarchy Records. The album is highly recommended for fans of Cattle Decapitation and Suffocation.

The band commented “We are really excited to finally release this album and be available to fans world wide! Now we get to focus on touring for this record and also begin the process of writing new music. Can’t wait to here what people think of “The Inhuman Condition” and make new fans! See you on the road!”

Abolishment 2

It’s hard to be wowed by The Inhuman Condition purely because it sounds so familiar. Extreme metal/death metal has an hard time coming up with much in the way of freshness and unfortunately Abolishment of Flesh aren’t doing that.

Of course that doesn’t make it bad, in fact a lot of what the dehumanising & brutalising duo do is damn good. The bestial nature of tracks like Inhuman Anatomy, Servitude of Endless Suffering, Morbid Imagery and The Suffering work hard at getting the head-banging.

While the guitars and vocals can be called good, the drumming is a bit of a mess. The production on them is horrible sounding like they’re being played in the room next door & on pieces of wood. It can be incredibly distracting. Sure, it’s supposed to be raw but this might be too much.

That issue aside, Abolishment of Flesh will satisfy the craving for the more extreme side of metal. It’s no frills and no nonsense music that is enjoyable enough but not going to leave a lasting impression at all.

Abolishment 1

Abolishment of Flesh – The Inhuman Condition Full Track Listing:

1. Inhuman Anatomy
2. Reborn Abomination
3. Servitude of Endless Suffering
4. Slaves of Animosity
5. Morbid Imagery
6. Lack of Emotion
7. Weeping for the Decayed
8. Wake of Depredation
9. Mass Execution
10. The Suffering
11. Throne of Deception

You can order the album via Unholy Anarchy Records here. Find out more/keep up to date via their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and watch some of their videos on YouTube.


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Abolishment of Flesh - The Inhuman Condition (Unholy Anarchy Records)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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