Album Review: Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond the Dark (Blood Music)

Black sheep of the Black Metal scene. Outcasts and outsiders since the very beginning. But somehow, Abigail Williams are still alive, still thriving, still creating, whilst so many of their critics and competitors have fallen by the wayside.

Returning with their boldest and most diverse offering to date. The band’s fifth album – Walk Beyond the Dark – is a summation of the band’s previous experiments mixed into one defining statement.

Throughout all of the storms and tribulations remains band leader and songwriter, vocalist, and mastermind Ken Sorceron. In so many ways, Sorceron himself is Abigail Williams, its heart, mind, and spirit. Deftly wielding the forces of light and dark in skilled measure. One thing is clear with Abigail Williams, Black Metal is not about rules and restrictions.

With much excitement, we re-enter the darkened world of Abigail Williams. Where creatures howl, evil words are whispered and savagery is the name of the black metal game.

Pulling out one of their strongest albums in some time, Abigail Williams’ drag listeners into hellish realms with a collection of tracks that provide ample black metal goodness. Have no expectations as Abigail Williams will inevitably smash them apart with tracks that range from 4 minutes to 11.

What you can guarantee is an album with evil intentions as only the most effective black metal can provide.

Then there are the atmospheric elements such as found on Sun and Mood, Ever So Bold and the latter parts of Black Waves. While far from the focus, they often help lift a track to another level of wonder.

…and that is what we have here. A wonderful black metal release that reaffirms Abigail Williams as one of the finest bands not just within the black metal world but the metal world in general.

Few won’t shed a tear as the haunting intro to Born of Nothing begins. The wild head-banging that follows will help dry them though.

Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond the Dark Full Track Listing:

1. I Will Depart
2. Sun and Moon
3. Ever So Bold
4. Black Waves
5. Into the Sleep
6. Born of Nothing
7. The Final Failure


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Abigail Williams - Walk Beyond the Dark (Blood Music)
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