Album Review: Abhasa – १ (Mystic Timbre)

Abhasa mix ritual and dark ambient with crushing sludge and post-black metal. Weaving meditative soundscapes and sacred might into a cohesive, unfolding aural experience, each track giving way or bursting forth into the next like divine light breaking darkness.

The album, १ will be released on tape and digital on April 21st via Mystic Timbre.



Certainly one of the more unique albums you’ll hear this year. Abhasa’s १ is ethereal and ambient. An album that conjures up images of dark and deep deserts, ancient monuments rising high into the sky and bleak depths of underwater dungeons. All places where man or woman hasn’t set foot in for centuries at least.

With this constant draining soundscape, there is the thought that the ‘post-black metal’ side might be just too much sheer brutality. However, Abhasa create a beautiful and mournful sound that wraps and encapsulates the mind. It’s epic stuff and some of the best post black metal music you’ll hear this year.

Abhasa – १ Full Track Listing:

1. १
2. २
3. ३
4. ४
5. ५
6. ६
7. ७




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Abhasa - १ (Mystic Timbre)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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