Album Review: A Pretext To Human Suffering – Endless Cycle Of Suffering (Reality Fade Records)

International tech/brutal death metal band, A Pretext to Human Suffering will release their debut full-length album, ‘Endless Cycle of Suffering,’ on May 26th, 2023 via Reality Fade Records.

The brutal death metal scene has a new beast to contend with, one that has a visceral hunger and the claws to tear flesh from bone. It’s A Pretext to Human Suffering and nobody is escaping their rampage.

So, what makes them special? Aside from their impressive brutal delivery? It’s the technical edge they have. Tech-death isn’t exactly a new thing and there are no shortage of quality bands plying this trade, but few who also have the stomp and stun tactics of brutal death metal. That is what makes A Pretext to Human Suffering special.

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Declaring that “you are not free, this is psychological warfare” with the five-second intro of Indoctrinated, before hammering away with force on the title track. A Pretext to Human Suffering deliver a crushing introduction to their debut album that is frantic and weighty. Calling it savage underplays just how tough it is as a start.

A start that sets a high bar and the challenge to not become numb to this level of manic brutality. An issue that rarely arises as the combination of crunchy speed, technical shifts, and inhuman heaviness is just too delightful. The likes of Architect of Reality, Hollow Sanctuary, Formless Collective, and Void, are all equally vicious but in different ways. The word is exciting, as they complete the first half of the album in an immensely satisfying way. Provided you have an ear for unadulterated callousness in aural form.

The consistency shown already continues into the second half happily as A Pretext to Human Suffering offer up a disturbing ‘intermission’ with Toxic Dreams. Before continuing to drown listeners under the crushing wave of technical savagery with Shadow of Time, Paradox, and Clandestine. Three of the more exceptional examples of measured intensity that leaves you feeling abused. Although there really isn’t anything on this album that doesn’t leave you feeling that way.

Which might lead you to believe that most will be glad to see the album end with one last furious flurry called Cult(ure), but that’s not the case. Simply because A Pretext to Human Suffering have smashed it and delivered something that sounds fresh.

A Pretext to Human Suffering – Endless Cycle of Suffering Track Listing:

1. Indoctrinated
2. Endless Cycle of Suffering
3. Architect of Reality
4. Hollow Sanctuary
5. Formless Collective
6. Void
7. Toxic Dreams
8. Shadow of Time
9. Paradox
10. Clandestine
11. Cult(ure)


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A Pretext To Human Suffering - Endless Cycle Of Suffering (Reality Fade Records)
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