Album Review: 11PARANOIAS – Asterismal (Ritual Productions)

Due for release March 15th, Asterismal is undoubtedly the 11PARANOIAS’ most exciting yet challenging release to date, coalescing experimental noise elements with pure psychedelia and a devastating deluge of doom and drone. More propulsive, potent and powerful than its predecessors, bassist/vocalist Adam Richardson explains:

“Asterismal is of the stars, our fifth album. In alchemical terms the sonic content is equal parts Albedo (Psych/Space), Nigredo (Total Doom), Rubido (Noise/Experimental) – never before have we so clearly delineated these genres on one record. This marks the final instalment of a trilogy of albums (Stealing Fire From Heaven had lead drums, Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World had lead bass and Asterismal now hones in on the lead guitar). Our most focused release yet, this rite even saw some prior preparation and writing before taking it to the studio!”

Asterismal is out on March 15th 2019 via Ritual Productions.


A hell of an experimental release, 11PARANOIAS’ new album squeezes the life out of you with a barrage of intimidating and appalling drone and doom. An album that will haunt your waking world as well as your dreams.

Loss Portal’s systematic destruction of the mind with its slow march of doom, tormented riffs and damned vocals style shows off everything this unique band is capable off and then some.

It’s followed up by a shorter, more guitar driven track in Bloodless Crush before Vitrified Galaxy drives the stake of madness into hearts. The horror-show that is the combination of crushing doom heaviness and far-off sounding chanting vocals works so well.

A welcome break in the form of the quiet melody of Prelude in no way prepares for the cataclysm of doom that comes in the form of Slow Moon. The methodical approach to this track holding back an intensity that threatens constantly to overload and erupt in calamitous style.

The first half of the album was 11PARANOIAS just getting you prepared though as the second half takes things down to depths not seen so far. Beginning with the near 12-minute epic of Quantitative Immortalities, the sluggish Chamber of Stars and the final double of Acoustic Mirror and Acoustic Mirror II. That pair are a combined 25+ minutes with the former being a powerful segment of drone effects and deep bass. While the latter builds in cruelty before overwhelming the senses. A difficult pair of tracks because of the length, they really beat you down and it’s with relief that the album ends.

A striking release from the drone/doom band.


11PARANOIAS – Asterismal Full Track Listing:

1. Loss Portal
2. Bloodless Crush
3. Vitrified Galaxy
4. Prelude
5. Slow Moon
6. Quantitative Immortalities
7. Chamber of Stars
8. Acoustic Mirror
9. Acoustic Mirror II

Asterismal will be available to order via 11PARANOIAS here, via Ritual Productions here and Bandcamp here. Find out more over on Facebook and Twitter.

11PARANOIAS - Asterismal (Ritual Productions)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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