Album Review: ​Domestikwom – A Peace That Destroys (Self Released)

Out on December 1st 2017, A Peace That Destroys is the debut album from Calgary, Alberta metal project Domestikwom.

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A metal project from Jonathan Petkau (Respectably Loud, Metal Minute, The X-Hausted Files), members of Slaves BC, Necrolytic Goat Converter and more have contributed their talents to bring the album’s theme of isolation vs community to life.

At its core, A Peace That Destroys is a melodic style of black metal with flashes of doomy heaviness. Something that Roots in a Soil Not My Own showcases with it’s calming & subtle rhythm and screeching blackened vocals. The more intense & heavier style comes to fruition on the more traditional black metal roar of The Charred Remains of our Tenets and the crunching doom of Dekulakization. The latter is an absolute beast of a metal track with the riffs dragging you deeply into the mire of the Domestikwom swamp.

After all of that it might come as surprise to see the album go in a different direction with the title track one that is just distracting noise & Canada 1926 delivering a folky & upbeat tune. The latter of the two really stands out for both good & bad reasons. It’s a wickedly fun track that still retains the heaviness found elsewhere but just feels so out of place.

There is no denying the ambition that Domestikwom have & the final two tracks ensure that the album finishes off strongly. The Cost of Self-Sacrifice a moody, melodic doomy number before Planting Seeds’ showcases an absolute epic. The soft, soaring vocals of Carol Petkau alongside the sweet piano melody is one thing but the stunning guitar led final two minutes is another.

A Peace That Destroys is an impressive debut, one that sometimes seems to struggle for a clear identity but when Domestikwom get it right they absolutely stand head & shoulders above the rest.

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Domestikwom – A Peace That Destroys Full Track Listing:

1. The Ausbund
2. Roots in a Soil Not My Own
3. The Charred Remains of our Tenets
4. Dekulakization
5. A Peace That Destroys
6. Canada 1926
7. Reesor’s Lament
8. The Cost of Self-Sacrifice
9. Planting Seeds

You can pick up earlier music over on Bandcamp where the new album will be available too & find out more via Facebook & Twitter.

​Domestikwom - A Peace That Destroys (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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