6 Best Beginner Tips When Using Online Dating Apps

Almost 40 million people in the US have tried online dating or dating apps. It’s important to exercise caution whenever you meet a new person, whether online or in person. It is up to the individual user to decide if they feel safe meeting someone they found through a dating app, as these apps do not perform background checks. If you do experience sexual violence or assault while online dating or using an app, it is important to keep in mind that you are not to blame.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect yourself when using dating apps or services, whether online or in person. These suggestions are not foolproof, but they can make you feel safer.

1. Feeling uneasy? It’s time to take action

Even if you can’t put your finger on what’s making you uneasy on a date, you shouldn’t stick around. Trust your instinct. Keep things simple and easier for you by opting for a shorter meeting like coffee or a drink that can be finished in under an hour rather than a more involved activity like dinner and dancing. If you feel threatened and need to leave, don’t second-guess yourself or worry about offending anyone. Excuse yourself, and get out of there!

2. Report and block any people who seem suspicious

If another user’s profile looks fishy or the individual has been acting weird toward you, you can report them or block them. Often, you can do this unnoticed, either after or before you’ve matched. It is very easy for individuals to misrepresent who they are in every interpersonal engagement.

Have faith in your instinct on whether you believe an individual is telling the truth about who they are. Scammers may use the following narratives or suspicious actions to gain the victim’s trust and sympathy before using them to exert unhealthy control over them.

Gives vague answers to specific questions.
Disappears suddenly and comes back under a different name.
Is overly romantic and complimentary way early in your interaction.
Is pressuring you to give them your phone number or chat outside the app.
Asks for financial assistance in any way, often because of a sudden personal crisis.
Claims to be from your country but are currently living, working, or traveling abroad.
Claims to be a recent widow or widower with children.
Possesses a high degree of education yet tells stories that are contradictory or inflated.

3. Stay sober

If you’re anxious about your first date, many people decide that a little dutch courage goes a long way (but none if you’re behind the wheel!). The intoxicating effects of alcohol might cause one to make poor decisions, such as embarrassing oneself by dwelling on the past or going home with a stranger.

Get in a taxi if you find yourself getting drunk by accident. Another way to relax on your way to the date is to listen to your favorite music or apply Play Croco no deposit bonus codes to play slots online on your phone.

4. Don’t depend on your date for transport

You should arrange your own transport to as well as from the date to avoid becoming dependent on your date if you start to feel uneasy at any point during the evening. Avoid getting into a car with someone you just met, even if they offer to pick you up. That is especially true for initial meetings.

To avoid being stranded if your preferred ride-sharing app is down, having a few apps on hand is a good idea. Ensure your phone is charged and has data before you leave, or plan ahead and carry a charger or portable battery.

5. Create a stellar profile

When it comes to online dating, half the battle is won or lost with your profile. Rather than being too polished or exaggerated, it should highlight your best qualities. Just be yourself. Provide genuine responses to questions and upload photos that best capture who you are. Don’t post images with excessive filters or from your trip to Spain seven years ago.

No matter how cliché it may sound, just be your authentic self when interacting online.

6. Investigate the demographics of the applications’ user bases to see if they fit your target market

Tinder, Hinge, and Grindr may be more your speed if you aren’t searching for a serious commitment, as they emphasize visuals over lengthy descriptions. Users aren’t investing much of themselves emotionally; they could glance at a single snapshot before swiping.

While applications like Coffee Meets Bagel let you be very particular about your interests and what you’re searching for, they also require a lot of work in designing your profile to enhance the quality of your matches.

There is a wide range of reasons why people use dating apps. The typical user uses three to four apps concurrently. Who is using them and why can provide you clues as to which one could suit your needs best.

Instagram and Snapchat have become common places for people to find dates. Sure, that’s fine, too.

Take away

The pros and cons of using a dating app vary widely. If you plan on trying out online dating, it’s important to know how to recognize potential danger indicators and avoid getting scammed. You will deeply regret it if you pass them up or disregard them.


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