13 Days of Halloween – Horror Short Review: Trick (2019)

Written, directed and produced by Elwood Quincy Walker and staring Emily Joy Lemus, Jordan Valadez, Lexi Simonsen, Ryan Kearton and Sam Uehling. Trick tells the story of a group of teenagers holding a séance on Halloween night. The goal to try and summon the spirits of three dead trick or treaters.

Three children that got lost on Halloween night and fell foul of a witch.

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The teens begin their séance and are initially respectful but it doesn’t take long before some of the group begin to dismiss the whole thing. Which, of course, draws the ire of the ghostly trick or treaters. This séance is about to really wrong.

A nice little horror that has some great costumes and visuals. At first it seems as though it might be playing it more for laughs but it descends into violence and gore in great fashion. Set completely at one table where characters are picked off should they break the circle of hand holding, it is an effective creep-fest. Not outright scary but gleefully paying tribute to the Halloween season.

What more could you want? Check it out yourself below.

Trick (2019)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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